About Us

19,629 – the estimated number of protein encoding genes in humans

Life is complex. The amount of processes occurring in the human body is staggering to consider. All life as we know it consists of the same basic components, but yet such great differences exist. Nucleic acids, amino acids, lipids, sugars – only from amazing complexity in the arrangement and utilization of basic building blocks do we have such a massive variety in life.

About 100,000 – the estimated number of transcripts in the human transcriptome

Intelligence has been defined in many ways, but regardless of the precise definition used, a central tenet of intelligence is the ability to deal with cognitive complexity. Yet the capability to grasp all of the interactions occurring in even a simple living system is far beyond the most intelligent human.

250,000 to 1,000,000 – the estimated number of proteins in the human proteome

The legacy systems that are currently used to help us deal with complexity are limited in their ability to help us deal with it. They themselves are complex, requiring expert users to obtain meaningful levels of insight.   They are opaque, with proprietary data analyzed in a proprietary manner with proprietary algorithms. They are inaccessible to the average researcher or laboratory, with massively expensive price tags aimed to extract maximum profit from the richest corporate clients.

Fueling Genius

YourOmics™ exists in response to all of this. We seek to make the analysis of complex, multi-omics data simpler, more transparent, and more accessible. We want every lab to have the power to dig into the highly complex data sets which capture what we know about life and utilize them to discover the next big breakthroughs and develop tomorrow’s cures. We’re helping scientists create understanding from complexity. That’s why we like to say we’re fueling genius.